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We can translate any kind of text from and into 1224 languages.

The increased demand for high quality translations, the special requirements in each field and the need to manage large texts to meet urgent deadlines result us in setting-up specialist departments that deal exclusively with translations from a special field.

, we offer specialist technical, medical technical and pharmaceutical translations, but have organized at the same time special departments for legal and financial translations too.


We are specialized in all the main sectors of industry such us automobile, ship, packaging machinery, electrical and engineering equipment, manufacturing tools, industrial equipment, energy and ITC.


We are specialized primarily in medical equipment, medical systems and products, clinical solutions, micro-biological analysis and such services as digital viewing systems, patient monitoring systems, simulator, cobalt and linear accelerator systems, PET, CAT, magnetic and ultrasound scanning – as used in a whole range of medical applications.


Angiography, Fluoroscopy, Computerised Axial Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Cardiology, Mastography, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Radiography, Ultrasound, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Urology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology.

The texts for which we hold exclusive translation contracts include user and maintenance manuals, reference guides, operating instructions, software manuals, etc.


Experience in the fields of pharmacology, chemistry and chemical engineering plays a major role in pharmaceuticals.

This experience enables us to translate manufacturing specifications, standard operating procedures, QM documentation, clinical studies, trial protocols, publications and instructions, among others.

The team of the department of medical technical and pharmaceutical translation - as member of the International Society of Radiographers & Radiological Technologists and the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science - consist of experienced technologists and other scientists (physicians, researchers, academics), translators and proofreaders as well project managers if necessary specializing in medical and medical technical traslations -
guaranteeing the correct and up-to-date terminology.

The skills and knowledge of our specialist teams guarantee the quality of the initial translation and all subsequent revisions.


The texts that mainly will translate are legislation and normative provisions, contracts, agreements and transaction terms, case files and out-of-court documentation, court judgements, arbitration awards and settlements, academic monographs, articles and legal opinions, articles of association, minutes and corporate financial reports, tender notices, tender documentation and bids, corporate and mutual fund prospectuses,
testaments and power of attorney, land warranty deeds and lease agreements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports and other items of identification, performance records, certificates, attestations, bank statements and documentation on naturalisation and asylum procedures.

Because of the not only accurate and valid, but useable in legal terms translation the Legal and Financial Department cooperate with lawyers that have
many years experience in the practice of law and court proceedings.


We prepare certified translations for submission to authorities and courts. Thanks to our international presence with offices, which exclusively managed by translators and interpreters, we can also certify documents for court cases outside of the country of our head office, so that they conform to the laws of the appropriate country and ensure the best possible communication. All these official documents will be certified by a dipl. translator. This certifies, among other things, the quality seal too.

The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COMSM SEAL serves also as a proof for obeying specific translation standards. Consequently, it is summarized valid as a quality proof and may not be copied and/or used without permission. The copy and/or use is permitted only to offices, which are members of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP.


We provide specialist interpretings for discussions, negotiations, meetings, city and company tours, training sessions, symposia, conferences and conventions and more.

Interpreting is a field which is distinguished by a high level stress and requires the ability to think and react extremely quickly.

Interpreting means communication. As such, quality interpreting is indispensable for the success of international events. To ensure this accurate interpretation requires meticulous preparation by the interpreters. Provide documents to the interpreters before the meeting and all documents produced during the meeting.

There are
seven fundamental types of interpreting:


The interpreters sit in soundproof booths and interpret the speech into the target language while the person is speaking, i.e. simultaneously. Simultaneous interpreters are required for large events and conferences held in two or more languages, as well as in meetings where the delay caused by consecutive interpreting is too great. Due to the high level of concentration this requires, the interpreters must be relieved after 20 to 30 minutes. As a result, a sufficient number of interpreters must be available.


In consecutive interpreting, the translation is delayed until after the original speech has been made. Consecutive interpreting is a suitable form of interpreting for relatively short addresses (after-dinner speeches, for example), or for events in which the presence of the interpreter in the same room where the meeting is being held is considered to be important. Consecutive interpreting requires approximately twice as much time as simultaneous interpreting.


Relay interpreting is mainly used during conferences and meetings and involves a “relay” of interpreters using a secondary language. Usually, the first interpreter will translate into a more widely known language, such as English, before a second interpreter conveys the dialogue into the target language. This type of interpreting allows the interpreting from rare languages in all other languages, but introduces a small delay. Additionally, it can also deteriorate the interpreting quality. For this reason
it must not be used if its possible.


Escort interpreters can assist you during trade fairs, guided tours, cultural events, plant visits, and business trips. In this type of interpreting consecutive interpreting is here usually used. Additionally, escort interpreting is often used for more informal settings, where information is interpreted more freely into another language while still remaining an accurate interpretation of the source dialogue. Cultural references in the conversation must also be thoroughly explained.


An effective alternative of classic interpreting at which the speakers and/or some delegates are in the same place and only the interpreter in a different place or all involved people (speakers and/or listeners and interpreters) are in different places. There is an audio or an audio and video link between these places, which means that the interpreters don't have a view or don't have a direct view of the speaker(s) and/or listener(s) or rather of the meeting room. The transfer of the acoustic information can realized via phone, mobile etc. - if necessary by loudspeakers - and the transfer of the visual information via a camera system or rather webcam(s) on video screens or rather devices with such an equipment (computers, notebooks, smartphones etc.). Communication platforms (RemoComm) can under specific circumstances simplify the audio and video connection. To provide quality service the remote interpreters need to hear perfectly everything that is said and see the speakers and/or delegates as well the projection screens (if available) clearly, so they know the message has been understood. This working method is because of faster tiredness and higher stress level only for a limited time, but it will enable you to avoid the extra cost of transport. You pay only for the duration of the conversation or rather interpretation - nothing else. Especially on sale conversations, negotiations, travel and scheduling conversations as well video conferences is remote interpreting the cost-effective and flexible solution for your successful communication. Additionally, remote interpreters will be easier to procure in the event of urgent need than if they are required to turn out in person. In all interpreting types, including remote interpreting, our interpreters are committed to secrecy.


In whisper interpreting, a special form of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits beside or behind of his listener and whisper the translation directly to him. This is a strain for the voice and therefore only for a limited time. Whisper interpreting is best suited to the support of maximum two listeners, since the interpreter doesn't make use of any special technological equipment and the original speaker and the interpreter are speaking in the same room simultaneously, making disturbances inevitable. Since whisper interpreting requires at least as much concentration as simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters shall also be necessary for longer events.


Liaison interpreters are needed in negotiations, meetings and court hearings. In liaison interpreting, short passages are translated into another language section by section without the help of interpreting or whisper equipment and without notes or something else. Liaison interpreting is best suited for negotiations with a small number of participants and only two liaison languages.

When preparing an offer, a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and individual consultation shall be conducted, which shall cover the implementation, interpreting equipment (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison), team size technical equipment, etc. If necessary, we can also arrange for conference and simultaneous interpreting equipment and make recommendations on general organisation, programme structure and intercultural issues.


We undertake revising or rather proofreading of texts, letters, reports, presentations, books, dissertations, press releases, articles, interviews and even texts that were not edited or rather translated by us.

Our intercultural communicators make sure that the text and/or translation is correct in all aspects. However, these processes largely depend on the nature and intended purpose of the text and/or translation.


We transfer your source files in any language, maintaining the original layout.

The transfer of your concept for the international market requires implicit the consideration of cultural aspects. Here our intercultural communicators can support you with both their experience and their knowledge.

We deliver printable foreign language documents in the format of your choice via ISDN, FTP, as an e-mail attachment and on CD, DVD, USB stick or memory card.

Our website is a great opportunity to advertise. Our visitors are usually business people from around the world, which makes our advertising space a strong opening to the international market.

We offer two (2) banners on our pages:

468x60 banner
in the "Links" sections of our web pages
234x60 banner
in the "Links" sections of our web pages

You have also the option of setting a maximum period of advertising that suits your needs.

In view of the globalisation of the economy, it is also essential that printed documents are designed not only for use in the national language, but also for multilingual applications.

We will gladly support your foreign language print product needs. Through close cooperation, we can assist you in reproducing your concept for your local and international market. We have extensive experience in the field of foreign language printing and print in all formats, from simple information texts to multi-coloured company brochures. Always in the best quality!


International success depends, among other things, on a professional company presentation. A multilingual internet site, which has been localised by language experts, is an excellent business card. The introduction of a software abroad depends on the quality of the localisation in the target language.


Software localization means the translation and adaptation of a software regarding its commercialization on a specific market.

This process involves the preparation of a glossary in the various languages required and the analysis of the files and their formats. Afterwards, the translation of the user interfaces and all corresponding buttons and menus, as well as the online help sites and user handbooks. 

The process furthermore involves a final inspection of the results (testing, bug-fixing, quality control).


Website localisation involves the translation of all files of which a website consists (HTM, XML, ASP, JS, etc.), as well as hypertext links and illustrations.

In addition to the translation of your multi-language internet site, intercultural aspects such as date specification, number representations and punctuation are also taken into consideration.




Creating accurate dialogue translations for e.g. commercials, training videos, training materials for e-learning platforms and company videos as well as PowerPoint presentations, cultural aspects are vital.

The same applies to dialogue translations in the theatre, opera or other musical performances.

Additionally, the texts must transfer the spoken language so that the content can be completely understood.

The translations can be delivered in all common computer formats via FTP.



Asynchronous dialogue interpreting means, among other things, the delayed interpreting of the foreign language (original) voice on radio, television, film, theatre and/or presentations.

This way tranfers linguistically as well culture-specific for example thoughts or memories of an acting person or the explanation of the story.

The interpreted language can be delivered in the following formats: via FTP in all other common computer formats.



We offer synchronous dialogue interpreting of industrial and commercial films, videos, CDs and DVDs. Regardless of the source language of the material, our intercultural communicators ensure that during the transfer the cultural aspects don't remain unconsidered.

Except the oral synchronous translation we can deliver the interpreted language in the most current formats.

For the transfer of the oral translation, we have also a high-speed FTP server.



We provide linguistic transfer services for hand written archives in any text and any language and deliver the text either in hard print or in electronic form.



We transfer linguistically recorded interviews, conference minutes, tape-recorded seminars, recorded debates, discussions, speeches and deliver the text of the transfer from the recorded archives either in hard print or in electronic form.


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