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TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is made up of the Head Office in Hagen Westf./Germany.
The medium-term objective is to reach, in the entire world, over 30
All applications to become an affiliated member of the international franchise network are dealt with at the
TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP also considers applications from companies already up-and-running or those in the process of formation that are interested in offering linguistic and multimedia publishing services from the outset at the highest level of professional quality and commercial competitiveness.
In short, companies to become "glocalized": staying in control of their local financial autonomy, while actively participating in a marketing and organizationally global strategy.


TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is able to offer a unique opportunity to conduct business on the constantly growing multilingual communication services market within the framework of an established system. Are you interested in starting a business, but at the same time you would appreciate having the necessary expertise available to you from the outset, as well as the possibility of using an established trade name? TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP can help you make this ideal a reality within the framework of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC Franchise System.

Franchising is a way of establishing a small business, proven around the world, that minimises the entrepreneur’s own risk. It involves a contractually based long-term relationship between independent partners, i.e. between the provider of the franchise (the franchisor), and its recipient (the franchisee). As a result, the small trader remains an independent entity, but gains all the advantages of using the franchisor’s business name and previous experience, as well as its advantageous purchasing terms and conditions. Last but not least, the trader’s own risk and start-up costs are minimised. By joining TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP as a franchisee, you can take advantage of the experience we have gained from operating a network of branches over Europe and China soon.

TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is one of the largest international agencies, which has now been operating on the European market for a long time. We specialise in top-quality translation, interpreting, webdesign and language tuition.


·   Independence
TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC franchising enables franchisees to conduct business independently. They can be their own boss and part of a multinational chain at the same time.

·   A proven formula
Franchisees receive a
systematic formula for success - our franchisees are fully trained and have access to the business manuals of the franchisor, who is always there to lend a helping hand. From the moment the business begins its activities, all elements that are needed for the successful management of an enterprise are arranged for the franchisee. This means that blunders at the outset can be avoided and the franchisee can fully concentrate on properly managing the firm.

Franchisees can exploit the image and name of an established and successful company. As a result, they can enter the multilingual communication
services market very quickly.

·   Free consulting and continuous consultation
We provide new franchisees with comprehensive training at the start of cooperation and subsequently arrange regular
advisory activities for employees - all that for nothing.

·   An established system
We provide
access to a system that is already up.

·   A quick start
As a result of cooperation with established branches, franchisees can begin to
conduct business and offer comprehensive services from the very outset.

·   Marketing support
We carry out international marketing campaigns and promote the image of the multinational company ourselves, and allow franchisees the use of the business name,
servicemark, company logo, printed materials, etc.

·   Collaboration with established branches
You will be working together with the other
TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC branches and franchisees – you can offer their services to your clients and give them orders for processing, and they can offer your services to their clients and give orders to you for processing.

·   Sharing expertise
There is a
mutual exchange of knowledge between the branches and the franchisees.

·   Reduced pressure from competition
Franchisees are in a better position to withstand competition if they do business as part of a multinational firm and not as an individual entrepreneur.

·   Reduced risk
All of the support outlined above means that business can be conducted with considerably less risk. In addition to our own experience, we can also cite the following interesting statistics:

  • According to the British Franchise Association, 93% of franchise outlets make a profit.

  • The European Franchise Federation has stated that only 8% of all small German firms who cease operations within 5 years of their existence due to insolvency are franchise companies.

  • A similar ratio exists in the United States, where 88% of the firms that close down within five years are non-franchise operations, while the ratio for franchise firms is 12%.

Franchising therefore appears to be a safer way of doing business than non-franchise activity.

What do we provide?


  • Support during the introduction of the information system

  • Consulting for the franchisee and his employees

  • The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC manual, which includes procedures and processes for setting up the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC system

After operations have started:

  • Our instructors remain in attendance while a branch is being opened

  • We provide support while all the procedures described in the operating manual are being put into practice

  • We give newly opened branches extensive marketing support

  • We are constantly developing our system and will pass on any new knowledge gained to our franchisees

  • We check, advise, and listen

  • We regularly monitor the quality of the services you supply

  • We analyse your results and provide continuous advice on how to maximise profit margins in your branch

  • We take on board all information from you and your team for improving our mutual cooperation

  • We provide marketing support for the system as a whole

Who are we looking for?

  • Applicants with an interest in business and an appreciation of trade and services

  • Applicants with a certain level of business experience, although this is not a precondition

  • Applicants with a desire to succeed and the ability to work hard and work as part of a team

  • Strong and successful personalities with good management capabilities and interpersonal skills

  • Individual entrepreneurs as well as companies that are already up and running, who wish to conduct business under a well known name and take advantage of our experience and expertise

  • Applicants with a good working knowledge of English or German, since English and German is the main languages of communication in our company

  • Applicants who wish to conduct business in places where TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP doesn’t already have its own branches

  • Graduates straight from university who wish to open a TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC Franchise branch



If you have, after that, questions request further information through our Franchise Department.

It will be happy to answer any queries you might have!

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